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Corona Russ 2020

Back to the future

Last century, world peace and walking on the moon seemed out of reach. Today,
stopping the climate crisis and solving the conflict at Gaza feels somewhat the same. Like a distant dream of a better tomorrow. Evolution is inevitable, and what drives humans forward is curiosity, dreams and a little bit of fear.
I guess that is how I found myself relating to the people deep diving into the wonders of sci-fi during critical times in the 50 ́s. Being born in the last year of the 1900s, I was too young to experience it but close enough to find their way of living, thinking and creating interesting. Always so positive about the future, picturing robots making us dinners, living in big glass domes and flying cars. Maybe that is why we managed to get to where we are today. The fear of war and the world ending made them run forward, and the dreams of the future was the reason to keep running in that direction.
I wanted to explore this side of history, and try to interpret the vision the past had for us, the future. What does technology look like? Have aliens populated the earth? And life itself, is it a construct, or simply a line of coincidences.

54 pages

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