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Corona Russ 2020

Partybusses worth hundreds of thousands NOK, blue or red overalls and customized hoodies that has a matching logo for you and your friends. The weeks from the end of April to 17th of may was supposed to be the best days of the lives for most 18 year old Norwegians. They were supposed to party from dusk to dawn, sing to their throats hurt and say fuck the police, instead they have spent the majority of these weeks Skyping in too class, and not being able to see their friends and fellow russ. The last few weeks during the pandemic the society has slowly started to open back up, and the russ was allowed to start meeting in groups of 20 people.
this series portrays the russ during the corona pandemic 2020.

Russ is what we call the high school graduates in Norway. the celebration started officially in 1905, and have ever since been the highlight of the 18/19 year old teenagers school experience. Loud, wild, drunk and rebellious the russ don't necessarily have the best reputation in Norway, but that never stopped them from having the time of their lives, and neither was the corona pandemic going to.

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